Wave Goodbye to Ordinary College Dorm Room Seating

The Wave Chair from University Loft is an Ergonomic Dorm Room Seating MarvelAnd wave hello to the new and extraordinary Wave Chair from University Loft. We’re kinda sweet on the Wave Chair. In fact, we think it’s nothing short of a revolution in college student seating. Here’s why:

The Wave Chair from University Loft is a Triumph of Ergonomic Form

Just look at those curves. Ooh-la-la! The Wave Chair is designed to fit the, um, student body no matter what the activity of the moment might be. The Wave Chair’s ergonomic assets include breathable mesh seat and back surfaces, continuous contouring for the rocker slats, and a pneumatic seat adjustment.

The Wave Chair from University Loft is Designed for Modern Student Residence Life

Don’t be fooled by the Wave Chair’s sexy lines. This is one college seating solution that is as smart as it is beautiful. You see, the Wave Chair is no one-trick pony. Far from it. The innovative and patent-pending Wave Chair transforms right before your eyes to fit student lifestyles in the dorm room. While the Wave Chair may start out as an unassuming student desk chair, you can remove the seat from the base and suddenly the Wave Chair becomes a rocker perfect for gaming! But the ultra-versatile Wave Chair from University Loft doesn’t stop there; the seat base can also be used as a notebook computer desk!

So, wave goodbye to ordinary student seating and wave hello to the Wave Chair from University Loft. We think it’s rather extraordinary. Don’t you?


The ULoft Blog Team

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