untitled-74March has seen many great events for University Loft Company, and one of those was the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, also known as NASPA, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, Delegates from across the world gather together for meetings and presentations to shape and share a vision for higher education. If you have ever been a part of a show such as this, then you know it can be quite costly. ULC left their footprint at NASPA by not only attending but also by helping to provide various spots throughout the show with strong, sturdy university furniture in addition to coordinating carpet colors where presentations and meetings would be held.

untitled-63 (1)The Innovation Station, a key place where presentations were given, was furnished by University Loft as well. When presentations were not taking place, attendees were able to lounge, visit with one another, read and relax at the Innovation Station.

One of the chairs in The Innovation Station was The Wave Chair 2.0. Now, that is an experience in itself. You can go from office to gaming mode with a simple turn of the knob. The seat lifts from the base to set on the floor. The base becomes a desk and the seat can be used for gaming or your laptop. Gaming, however, was probably not going on at The Innovation Station.

untitled-90NASPA attendees enjoyed the college furniture provided by University Loft Company, and ULC left their footprint at NASPA.

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Founder and CEO, James Jannetides says, “We are always learning, always innovating, and always improving…We are University Loft Company.” As a leader in the furniture industry, we are living up to that quote and haven’t stopped with state-of-the-art ideas in not only university furniture, but also off-campus housing, apartment furnishings and military housing.

Until next time ~ Ginger Bock