Planting Trees, Preserving the Planet; That’s the University Loft Way

May 20, 2014 ULC Blog Team EnvironmentGreen InitiativesStudents

At University Loft Company, we do more than hug trees; we plant them. Lots of them. Sometimes, these plantings are seedlings planted at our office complex in observance of Arbor Day (accompanied by a ULoft factory tour like the one recently attended by 145 students from Cathedral High School in Indianapolis). But halfway around the […]


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University Loft Does the Right Thing Locally with a Big Donation to Craine House

November 19, 2013 ULC Blog Team Charity and PhilanthropyUniversity Loft Company

You probably know that University Loft does some pretty good things. For example, we make student residence life more comfortable and productive with our modular dorm room furniture. We also make our student furniture in the USA. And on a grander scale, we also do the right thing globally by using sustainable practices and Environmentally […]


0 Charity and PhilanthropyCraine HouseIndianapolisPhilanthropyroom solutionUniversity Loft Company

Let Us Show You a Thing or Two in University Loft’s Greenfield, Indiana Showroom

November 1, 2012 ULC Blog Team University FurnitureUniversity Loft Company

I have a T-shirt that shows Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat character along with those kite-flying creatures known as Thing One and Thing Two. Yes that’s an image from my shirt to the left. As I was folding my shirt today, it made me think of University Loft and our massive Greenfield, Indiana showroom […]


0 dorm room furniturefurniturefurniture for college residencesIndianapolismodular furnitureOn Campus Livingresidence liferoom solutionSolid Wood Furnitureuniversity furnitureUniversity Loft Company

Where in the World is University Loft Furniture? Wherever Young People Seek to Learn and Live a Better Life.

September 13, 2012 ULC Blog Team Charity and PhilanthropyComfortUniversity FurnitureUniversity Loft Company

It might not surprise you to know that you can find University Loft student furniture in college and university residence halls and dorm rooms across America; after all, we’re the market leader in solid wood residence life furniture. But did you know that ULoft is also a global company serving educational institutions around the world? […]


0 charityComfortfurniture for college residencesIndianapolisroom solutionstudent bedsUniversity Loft Company

So Many Choices, So Little Time: University Loft Puts Student Furniture Dorm Room Configurations On Display

June 18, 2012 ULC Blog Team CommunityCustomer ServicePersonalizationUniversity FurnitureUniversity Loft Company

Have you been to Greenfield, Indiana lately? Have you ever been to Greenfield? In case you’re wondering WHY you should make the trip, here’s one answer among many: University Loft Company. More specifically, the University Loft Company headquarters, which includes the college student furniture manufacturing facility, warehouse and ULoft’s massive – let me repeat that, […]


0 dorm room furnituredormitoryfurniture designfurniture for college residencesGreenfieldIndianapolismodular furnitureOn Campus Livingroom solutionspace planningstudent housinguniversity furnitureUniversity Loft Company

From Go-Getter to Pace-Setter: University Loft Leads the Field in Innovative Modular Furniture for Student Housing

May 24, 2012 ULC Blog Team AwardsInnovationUniversity FurnitureUniversity Loft Company

Every year around these parts (Central Indiana, that is), it gets a bit noisy in Speedway, Indiana at a little place called the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With 33 of the world’s best drivers piloting their ultra-fast racers around the 2.5 mile oval, it can be tough to predict a winner, or even who might lead […]


0 dorm room furniturefurniture for college residencesIndianapolisinnovationmodular furnitureSolid Wood Furniturestudent housinguniversity furnitureuniversity livingUniversity Loft Company

Luck’s On Our Side, but University Loft Furniture for Student Housing Has Always Been a Sure Thing

April 30, 2012 ULC Blog Team AwardsCommunityEnvironmentGreen InitiativesInnovationUniversity FurnitureUniversity Loft Company

As I write this post, it’s draft day for the National Football League, and our Indianapolis Colts are poised to select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck as the number one draft pick. While not all top picks succeed in the big leagues after success in college, all indications are that Andrew Luck has what it takes […]


0 dorm room furnitureenvironmentfurniture for college residencesgreen furnitureIndianapolisinnovationmodular furnitureOn Campus LivingresponsibilitySolid Wood Furniturestudent housinguniversity furnitureUniversity Loft Company

Indy’s Children’s Museum and University Loft Make a Difference in Learning

March 27, 2012 ULC Blog Team EnvironmentQualityUniversity Furniture

We took a family outing to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum recently, taking in newer exhibits and revisiting some continuing favorites. With 3-year old Kaden in tow, we found ourselves spending less time than we wanted in each exhibit because their was so much to see and experience in the world’s largest children’s museum. It occurred […]


0 constructiondorm room furnitureEFTenvironmentEnvironmentally Farmed Timberfunctionalityfurniture for college residencesGraduate Seriesgreen furnitureHevea BrasiliensisIndianapolisOn Campus LivingproductivitySolid Wood Furniturestudent housinguniversity furnitureuniversity living

World’s Largest Ball of Paint is a Sight to Behold; So is ULoft’s Massive Student Furniture Showroom

March 5, 2012 ULC Blog Team GeneralUniversity FurnitureUniversity Loft Company

Here in Indiana, we have lots of great attractions, including the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the world’s largest Children’s Museum, and the very real town of Santa Claus. We are also home to the world’s largest ball of paint in Alexandria, Indiana. Ball of paint? Yes, a ball…(wait for it)…of paint. As balls of paint […]


0 dorm room furnitureenvironmentfurniturefurniture for college residencesfurniture showroomgreen furnitureIndianapolismodular furnitureroom solutionSolid Wood Furniturespace planningstudent housinguniversity furnitureUniversity Loft Company

You’ll Love University Loft’s Factory Outlet Furniture Deals

February 8, 2012 ULC Blog Team ComfortCustomer ServiceEnvironmentGeneralQualityUniversity FurnitureUniversity Loft Company

February is the month for love, right? Maybe that’s why University Loft holds one of its quarterly factory outlet furniture sales shortly before Valentine’s Day! We know you’ll love having comfortable, stylish furniture in your home or student residence, but we’re also sure that you’ll love even more the terrific deal you got via our […]


0 Comfortenvironmentfurniturefurniture for college residencesIndianapolisroom solutionSolid Wood Furnitureuniversity furnitureUniversity Loft Company

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