4 Cool Things about the Wave Chair 2.1

80183-MESH_waveChair_0067 72At the end of a long day, you want to just relax and take it easy. Perhaps you unwind with a book, a little gaming, or laugh at some silly videos. Well, the Makers of Cool have the perfect chair for you. The Wave Chair 2.1. It’s much more than a simple chair.  University Loft Company has redesigned and upgraded it. The following are 4 cool things about the Wave Chair 2.1. Check this out.

 A Desk Chair – Let’s say it’s the beginning of the day and you have some work to do on the computer. You roll The Wave Chair 2.1 right up to your desk and start your project. Whether you have the breathable mesh or the padded and upholstered seat, it will provide you with comfort for those long hours that you may have to spend there. The upholstery comes with a wide selection of fabrics from which to choose.

80183-MESH_closeUp_0076 72The Pneumatic Seat Adjustment – Change the height of the chair to the position that is perfect for you. Sometimes you need to be at full height, and sometimes you need to lower it. The pneumatic seat adjustment makes it easy to switch from high to low.  

More than a Chair – Remove the seat from the base and it suddenly becomes a … wait for it … workstation. Perfect to set your laptop on, it is complete with a cup holder for your drink. No matter how much a person works on a computer and types on an electronic devise, the need for a pen or pencil is always present, so the University Loft “drawing board” masters made sure that there is a pencil holder built onto the workstation.  The base also makes a nice little end table.

Pick Your Angle –
Once you have removed the seat, you can place it on the floor and choose the angle that works for you. The Wave Chair 2.1 is ergonomically designed.  You will feel great if you are sitting upright. But you can lean back to a 30 degree angle to accomplish some concentrated gaming. The 20 degrees angle makes a comfortable position for reading or studying. However you want to sit, just pick your angle.

Now, there was 4 things about The Wave Chair 2.1 that make it a must-have item for your home or office.

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Until next time ~ Ginger Bock