3 Great Super Bowl Seats

Super_Bowl_50_logoHey Super Bowl fans, it’s right around the corner. The game, the food, the friends, and of course – those famous commercials! If you won’t be at the game in person, then pull up your own front row seat at the Super Bowl with University Loft furniture. Here are 3 great Super Bowl seats:

The Two-Position Chair from University Loft




The Two Position Chair – If you like to sit at the edge of your seat watching every play and leap suddenly when your team makes a touchdown, the Two Position Chair is perfect for you. Since the chair is designed to lean, you can sit back at break time and enjoy those amazing commercials.

80183-MESH_waveChair_0067 72


The Wave Chair 2.0 – You could roll your Wave Chair 2.0 right in front of the television screen and sit low or high or both. With the pneumatic seat adjustment changing the height is easy. Because of its ergonomic design, leaning back has a completely natural sense. There is also a companion stool which can double as your private food and drink table.

metropolitanOpenLoft_11 72The Loft Bed – You might also enjoy stretching out across your twin, junior loft or loft bed. If you have a loft bed, then you could fit a chair or love seat under the loft making plenty of room for Super Bowl seats at your party.  

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